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Importance of Technology Integration in Business

[post-views] Can you imagine a world today where the amazing feats of technology do not exist? Would it be even remotely close to what it is today? Well, you know the answer. HELL, NO! Technology has always been at the forefront especially over the last decade where its eminent use have resulted in making people’s lives easy and how! From food to cabs to clothes to electronics to holidays; you name it and it’s all available to you at the click of a button.

Not just for individuals but even businesses have massively benefitted from the ever growing wonders of technology. It is only now that one hears about organizations that are part of the Edu-tech, Fin-tech, Food-tech and HR-tech industries. But why is this so? Why has technology become so important that there are companies whose very existence depend on it?

The answer is simple. Greater technology leads to higher productivity and more efficiency thereby making the entire process more customer oriented. Take Zomato for example. What started off as a basic restaurant rating website turned into one of the biggest food tech giants of our time! This evolution was possible due to the concept of Agile Development Methodology. This is a software that enables a disciplined product development thereby encouraging a business approach that aligns their progress with company goals and customer needs. It made Zomato realize the changing customer needs over time. This fostered their evolution from a simple restaurant and review rating company to providing search filters for restaurants to eventually entering the online food ordering space.

Technology has not only changed the way we eat but also how we study. Gone are the days where classroom lectures and tuitions were the only learning mediums. Education has become more engaging, interactive and simple via online learning methodologies. For this we have companies like Byju’s to thank that made the most effective use of technology within this space. With the support of Amazon Web Services, Byju’s launched both – their website and application on this cloud platform. This was due to its easy configuration and familiarity with the technology. This further helped in scaling their business as the demand for their services increased over time.

Technology has garnered so much importance in the business world that it has helped change the face of things that were once considered impossible and continue to do so. Zomato and Byju’s are just a few among the many businesses that owe their success stories to technology. With technology possibilities are limitless and that is what determines the future of business.

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