The Award

It is prestigious to be a winner or to be shortlisted for an HR Excellence award as it is true excellence that is being looked for. Ensure the judges get a strong narrative that includes the impact the initiative had on the business using relevant metrics and make it real. The best entries are not necessarily the most ‘innovative’ per se, but those which describe strategies that are perfectly suited to the business, the context in which it operates and make a genuine difference to employees and to wider organisational success.

Previous Year Winners

'Leading Practices' Award

Talent Acquisition Icon

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management Icon

Talent Management

Technology Deployment in HR Icon

Technology Deployment in HR

HR Business Partnership Icon

HR Business Partnership

Benefits Administration Icon

Benefits Administration

Corporate Social Responsibility Icon

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Diveristy and inculsion Icon

Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

Employee Engagement Icon

Employee Engagement

HR Transformation Icon

HR Transformation

Learning and Development Icon

Learning & Development

Internal Communications Icon

Internal Communications

Health and Well-being Icon

Health and Well-being

Risk Management Icon

HR Risk Management

Employee Relations

Employee Relations
(Industrial Relations)

Pandemic Response

Pandemic Response

Impactful HR Strategy

Impactful HR Strategy

PeopleFirst Best HR Team

PeopleFirst Best HR Team

Best POSH Strategy Icon

Best POSH Strategy
(Safe Place to Work)

'Individual ' Award

HR Future Leader Icon

HR 'Future Leader'

CHRO of the year Icon

CHRO of the year

People’s CEO of the year Icon

People’s CEO of the year

Business Icon Award Icon

Business Icon Award

Most influential Global Chro

Most influential
Global CHRO

Business Icon Award

minds in HR

Transformational Women Leader Icon

Transformational Women Leader

PeopleFirst Leader

PeopleFirst Leader

Charismatic HR Leader

Charismatic HR Leader

Charismatic Business Leader

Charismatic Business Leader

VUCA Leader

VUCA Leader