You cannot choose the Manager you have. But you can be the best Leader your people could ask for - Jagmohan Bhanver, Master Coach

Popular Leadership Programs

PeopleFirst has conducted more than 2,000 leadership interventions and MDPs over the past two decades for mid to senior level leaders as well as C-suite management. A few of our popular programs in this category include the following:

  • Owner leadership framework
  • Demonstrating Ownership
  • Solving complex problems autonomously
  • Balancing timely escalations
  • Driving results through others
  • Achievement orientation
  • Taking responsibility & accountability

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  • Adaptive leadership framework
  • Self-awareness
  • Diagnosing resources
  • Developing people
  • High performing teams
  • Paradigm shifts
  • Situational leadership
  • Stakeholder management
  • Agility & Adaptability

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  • Change management framework & models
  • Developing change agents
  • Managing conflicting stakeholder priorities
  • Decision under risk
  • Environmental analysis
  • Paradigm shifts & Disruption
  • Sigmoid curve
  • Systems thinking
  • Leadership Adaptability & Agility
  • Influencing change

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  • Managing paradigms
  • Creating a market-driven organization
  • Building a “continuous learning” culture
  • Outside-in thinking
  • Creating positive disruption
  • Managing strategy shifts
  • Leading change
  • Transactional vs. Transformational leadership
  • Developing Agility

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  • Identifying, Developing & Retaining High Potentials
  • Making High Potential behaviors stick
  • Action Learning
  • Developing the High Potential career path
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Transfer of Learnings

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  • Cultural intelligence
  • Managing diverse teams
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Social responsibility & business environment
  • Key Management principles
  • Communication
  • Negotiation & Influencing

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  • Envisioning change
  • Managing Self
  • Managing Others
  • Managing Business imperatives
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Execution principles
  • Adaptability
  • Taking & giving feedback

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  • Change of mindset
  • Essential supervisory skills
  • Team culture
  • Listening & Empathy
  • Questioning skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Building ownership
  • Feedback skills
  • Customer management
  • Getting results

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Trending Stand-alone Managerial Skills Programs

Over the past 20 years, PeopleFirst has crafted and administered several Managerial skills programs at various levels within the organization. These include stand-alone competency based interventions focused on specific behavioral dimensions.

Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Analyzing presentation requirements
  • 5 key requirements of a presentation
  • Developing presentation objectives
  • Outlining the presentation
  • Developing the presentation plan
  • Using facilitation skills
  • Making the presentation interesting & dynamic
  • Controlling nervousness and anxiety
  • Developing and using audio-video visual aids
Creative Problem solving
  • Problem Solving Process
  • Decision making styles
  • Group vs individual decision making
  • Blocks to effctive problem solving
  • Changing the mind set
  • Delegating decision making to others
  • Place of intuition in problem solving
  • Resisting pressure from others
  • Expanding your range of problem solving techniques
  • Harnessing imagination
  • Decision and problem simplification techniques
  • Decision making in response to change
Assertiveness & Influencing skills
  • Sources of Power- Positional and Personal
  • Building Trust
  • Overcoming the Swamp- Strategies for Influencing Others
  • Power Plus- Perceptions of Power
  • Positive Influencing Behaviour
  • Rapport Building - Client / Sponsor, Pacing and Leading to Influence
  • Engaging and Channeling Skills
  • Key Skills for Influencing Meetings
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Assertiveness techniques
Interpersonal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Developing rapport
  • Communicating with impact
  • Body language
  • Crucial conversations
  • Influencing others
  • Constructive discussions
  • Managing conflict
  • Empathy
Interviewing skills
  • The essential ingredients for effective interviews
  • The preparation - setting yourself up to succeed
  • Opening the interview - how to kick off on the right foot
  • The skill of asking questions
  • Are you really listening?
  • Handling difficult reactions
  • Selecting the right person
  • The panel interview
  • Transactional analysis and Psychometrics
  • Basics of DISC
  • MB-TI and 16PF
Communication skills
  • Assertive communications skills
  • Communicating with impact
  • Mastering the Communication cycle
  • Networking
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Body language
  • Creating positive rapport
  • Communicating on the telephone
  • Communicating via e-mail
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Using voice-mail effectively
  • Feedback skills
  • Leading a successful meeting
  • Team communication skills
Effective Meetings
  • What
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
  • The agenda as a control and evaluation mechanism
  • The venue as an aid to a productive meeting
  • Using visual aids to enhance communication at meetings
  • Leading meetings
  • Different personalities at meetings
  • Making yourself heard at meetings
  • Managing conflict in meetings
  • Encouraging and controlling discussion
  • Impromptu meetings
  • Encouraging a positive attitude to meetings
Collaboration & Team Building
  • Key principles of collaboration
  • Building high performing teams
  • Team culture
  • Creating team ownership
  • Handling diverse & multicultural teams
  • Individual roles & group functioning
  • Working together for successful outcomes
  • Problem solving & creative thinking in groups
  • Building cohesiveness & trust in teams
  • Team management
Time Management
  • Time management principles
  • The Rule of Four
  • Prioritizing
  • Task planning
  • Dealing with overload
  • Managing Procrastination
  • Assertiveness
  • Managing Interruptions
  • Delegating
  • Increasing productivity

In case the above list of programs does not meet your requirement, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of Consultants will help you identify the right learning track for you and your people. Contact Us

Bespoke Leadership & Management Programs

While a lot of our clients prefer to go in for our Popular Leadership and Management programs, we usually recommend a more custom approach to align every intervention closely with each client’s specific needs. Our Consulting team partners with clients to create scalable talent transformation strategies that can harness the potential and skills of their employees to help them either reach leadership positions or be more effective leaders.
PeopleFirst employs the 3DX model as illustrated:

1 Diagnose

  • Understand the desired outcomes
  • Identify gaps in capability through appropriate diagnostic tools

2 Design

  • Design a holistic talent transformation strategy (TTS)
  • Test the TTS prototype with relevant stakeholders
  • Develop relevant interventions and programs

3 Deliver

  • Classroom, virtual learning & blended learning options
  • Gamification, enhanced learner experience
  • Learner driven content
  • Action learning


  • Evaluating Training efficacy using Kirkpatrick and Jack Philips’s model: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, Results and ROI
  • Making changes and adapting the talent transformation strategy (TTS) if required

Why PeopleFirst for Leadership Development?

50000 +
leaders trained and developed over the past 20 years
500 +
Board members, CEOs and CXOs coached
75 +
clients across 13 industries served successfully
of leadership development across industry and sector
25 +
accredited leadership facilitators
approach to sustained leadership development
10 +
leadership development interventions
and measurable ROI


Shivshanker SV
Head – Organizational Learning for South Asia - Standard Chartered Bank
PeopleFirst is an excellent learning & development organization and they have helped create significant value for our business.
Sangita Ravi
Head – Learning & Development - Kotak Securities Ltd.
PeopleFirst is brilliant on all aspects of performance
Cheri Jacob
Head – Customer Service - Federal Express
The response to the Customer Relationship Management workshops have been amazing
Jayesh Sampat
Deputy Vice President – HR - Kotak Mahindra Bank
Brilliant stuff
Subu Subramanian
Senior Director, HR - MetLife GOSC
had the privilege of going through my executive coaching by Jagmohan. Jagmohan excels in providing excellent perspectives and solutions for career minded individuals through his deep and insightful leadership coaching. He demonstrates mastery in his craft by carefully evaluating a leaders own and their colleagues' perceived identity using feedback tools and then using them to chart a trend for improvement. During feedback, he allows individuals to participate in their development plan. As a professional, Jagmohan is meticulous and thought through in his approach. I am extremely proud of my professional association with him.
Dr. Krishnamurthy Iyer
Dr. Krishnamurthy Iyer
GM – HR - Mahindra Automotives Ltd.
Excellent training on Interviewing skills
Regional Head - Standard Chartered Bank
The behavioral workshops conducted by PeopleFirst have generated immense energy and motivation within the teams
Srinath Vedula
Head HR - Airtel (AP circle)
The Performance Enhancement program conducted by PeopleFirst was rated among the Top Two HR initiatives this year at Bharti
Yash Mittal
Tea estate Owner & Manufacturer
The faculties were able to deliver a very practical knowledge and their extensive experiences with so many family businesses was a great advantage as they know the loop holes of business and till date they are associated with us and very supportive if there is any guidance required
Shruti Singh
Head – Learning & Development - Airtel
Excellent quality of Training and facilitation
CEO - Airtel (AP Circle)
The Mentoring program was very helpful
Prof. Lata Dhir
Professor of Organizational Behavior - SP Jain Institute of Management Research, Mumbai
Excellent facilitation. Great quality.
City Head - Yes Bank Limited
Awesome Sales training on Consultative selling skills. We immediately felt a spike in our people’s performance.
Parmeet Singh Grover
Group Executive Vice President - Yes Bank Limited
Excellent Speaker. Salute to your positive approach and way you are dealing with Life. Keep sharing your experience & thoughts it's motivational.
Branch Head - HDFC Bank
Amazing workshops on Investor trainings
Sanil Chorinchath
GEVP & Regional Business Head SME TFx & CMS Retail - Yes Bank
Jag is one of the best trainers I have seen in my career. His versatile path so far in the corporate world, Banking, HR and as the author of bestseller books on some of the Indian global CEOs helps him to narrate stories which readily connect with the audience. I wish him all the best for all his entrepreneurial ventures and literary works in the days ahead.
Head of Organizational Learning - Fidelity Business Services
Fantastic work on Advanced Communication skills
Anshuman Kumar
GEVP-Regional Head - Yes Bank
Wonderful and inspiring interactive session with Jagmohan. Lot of experience sharing, real life situational discussions. Would highly recommend sessions and trainings conducted by Jagmohan. Thanks
Parag Ghumare
Executive Vice President - Yes Bank
I am grateful to Jagmohan for receiving an excellent coaching from him on leadership impact during the 2 days workshop held at Yes bank. I was really impressed with his knowledge on human psychology, vast experience across industries and extraordinary skills of dealing with people. Even after having achieved a lot early in his life, he is quite down to earth and honestly quotes the small mistakes he or his team did in past so that others can learn from those. I am sure he will continue to succeed as a great mentor and his training will transform many individuals like me into better leaders.
Sachin Gupta
Head Sales & Distribution - SBM Bank
Jags is a great human being and brings a different texture in his thoughts/insights which tend to have a very practical impact to situation. His vivid experience in financial services space along with a decade plus of leadership coaching makes him one of the best in the industry. Extremely high on enthusiasm and passion about and his ability to stay connected, extend himself beyond the regular is succinct summarizes Jags. Was an extreme privilege to have worked alongside Jags
Nitin R Menon
Gr Exec Vice President - Yes Bank
Have had the privilege of being part of YES BANK”s leadership program under the aegis of Jag. The program was very insightful and intriguing, the part on leadership pivots In particular was very enriching. Truly commendable and would highly recommend his program series
Tushar Vikram Bopche
Product Head - Yes Securities
Got a chance in attending one of the leadership workshops by Jagmohan. You have added many perspectives to my vision. Your energy is infectious through out the session. Through your diverse experience and competencies you have been able to translate those into every one which is commendable. We look forward for those unique style and flair which keeps the interest and is insightful in these training and workshops was quite content to find the same. I would recommend Jagmohan excellent work to my fraternity and colleagues. It would be pleasure to be part of such sessions again and also to meet you for such exciting content . All the best , keep up the good work
Manager – Learning & Development - Wipro, Chennai
Very nice work on Language proficiency training
Kaushik Basu, PhD
Agribusiness Advisor - Gram Unati
Mr. Bhanver or Jag as he is fondly called is a professional who can create interest, establises two-way communication while delivering his insightful training programmes. His wide experience is instrumental for a learning session for the trainees. It's my privilege to write this recommendation for Jag!
Cluster Head - ICICI Bank
The Investor modules conducted by PeopleFirst are superb. Our people have been asking for encores
Ramchander Shahdadpuri
Managing Director - AE Telelinks Ltd.
We were a little unsure of how to build a scientific measure of competency assessment for our senior layer. PeopleFirst not only designed a great competency assessment model for us; they even helped us implement the same
Kiran Shetye
Executive Vice President - Bullion Business
Had an opportunity to participate in a 2 day workshop conducted by Jag on leadership. Frankly more than a coach, he came across as a guide who guides you through role plays, a catalyst who instigates your thinking, a philospher who reminds you to look inward and do maximum in the span of your control and most importantly a nice human being having highest regards to human values.Jag is still in touch even after 45 days of workshop and finds time to answer queries and gives guidance. My highest regards and the best wishes toJag for creating value and adding value to thousands and millions in corporate world & outside of it through his mentoring ,coaching and writing.
Sanjiv Mangal
Team Leader - HSBC
Had got an opportunity to interact with Jagmohan in one of the training programs being anchored by him. Jagmohan has this unique ability to connect classroom leadership concepts to real life scenarios which makes the session so much pragmatic. His engagement with audience is unparalleled. Wish him good luck in his future endeavours.
Ramakrishnan Padmanabhan
DGM - International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA)
I had attended a two day Leadership Programme with Jag and the amount of knowledge sharing on Behavioral aspects of being a Leader was exceptionally given. His sessions were eye opener to me personally and the examples of situations were immensely helpful. I truly hope that the Programme will help me go to the next level of leadership. I believe in what he said where Every Person is a Leader himself. Thank You Jags for a Great experience!
Dinesh Phogat
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - CCIL
Jagmohan has great insight of leadership traits and behavioral analytics of leadership effectiveness.He is truly a Guru with amazing knowledge to guide you through assessing yourself on leadership effectiveness.
Aparajeeta Sarmah
Director HR - MetLife
Speaking to Jagmohan is like looking at a mirror. As a coach, he has been able to show me the way and instill the will to change... without an iota of judgmental attitude. Thanks so much!
Siddhant Dadia
Chemical Trading Business
I Could apply the learning immediately to my business after I finished the course. The structure of the program worked out really well for me as I was able to dedicate my time to both my business and the course. The business x-ray part really helped me in dissecting the business to its core and focus primarily on its growth.
Sr. Manager - BACS (Bank of America Continuum solutions – BPO arm of BankAm)
Outstanding training on Leadership and Managerial Integration
Vijay Venkatram
Head – Sales & Marketing - Fidelity International
Excellent work on Investments Training across the country
Amit Bhandari - Training & development
Senior Director - MetLife
I had the opportunity of undergoing an “Executive Coaching” intervention with Jagmohan Bhanver. His ability to connect with his protégé is amazing. He is very easy to work with, very friendly yet very professional in handling coaching conversations. While he will be very patient in listening to your perspective, he will be very truthful while giving guidance. He poses some very relevant questions which makes people think by going inside, introspect and come up with potential possibilities towards their career development. He will challenge you, inspire you and make you uncomfortable, all for your own good. All my sessions with him were very insightful and progressive. I must say it was an enriching experience being coached by him. I would strongly recommend that if you ever get an opportunity to work with him, just jump on it and make the most of it…..last but not the least…..a BIG THANKS to Jagmohan for all his efforts & contribution towards making me a better professional.
Keval Chheda
F&b Store
I got a very holistic approach from this program towards my business, It made me aware about so many things do not come up to the surface but matter a lot. This program gives you a formal introduction on how a business should run.
Vijay Lal
Managing Director - Cerebrum India
I am extremely happy to recommend any and every one who has a need and a desire to help develop their people, to go to PeopleFirst. They are amazing
Naresh Sharma
Director - Business Analysis - MetLife
Jag Bhanver is a great coach & catalyst for change, someone who sparks action in others. What makes him different from other executive coaches is that he goes beyond the process and is able to get to the core of the issues. He does not impose solutions but takes your thru a journey of transformation where you find solutions on your own with self-realization. He uses a technique of asking questions, which makes you think on aspects which you have thought before. He has an uncanny sense for human behaviour which enables him to help people make sustainable changes. I have found his coaching to be extremely constructive & effective. It has been a pleasure & learning being coached by him. I would highly recommend Jag as a coach to any Senior leader anywhere in the world.
Ishwar Awatramani
Distributor of Liquor
Initially I wanted to do things too fast without any direction but after the GFMB program, I learned to reason a lot and based on that to capitalize my learning in order to take my business forward.


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