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The power of a common language which has set the wings of globalization and communication in motion is supreme. Without the powerful language English, connecting nations all over the world would have been something impossible. English is the language globally accepted and known by all. The role of English language in globalizing people all over the world cannot be just expressed in words; the influence of this commanding language is quite vast and diverse to define. If you consider business, diplomacy, or politics, there should be proper gelling between nations. A clear understanding is important in any field.
PeopleFirst in its initiative to synergize effective business communication amongst countries and citizens has specially designed this program on Proficiency in English Language.
Learning Outcomes
Gaining familiarity with the diachronic study in order to better understand their current situation
Application of grammatical rules to form correct sentences and use words and idioms in day-to-day communication
Relate and use appropriate expressions through a better understanding of their exact meaning in professional and personal related scenarios
Develop the ability to communicate w.r.t. context
Develop the ability to use different styles of reading depending on the situation, to maximize effectiveness
Enhance coherence and effectiveness of communication in both, the formal and informal context
Grow the ability to share information and articulate ideas
Who should attend ?
Everyone who wishes to learn/ enhance their communication skills and develop proficiency in English Language
Principles of English Language: phonetics, lexicology, morphology, syntax and textual and discursive analysis
Reference to Context
Reading Skills – Skimming, Scanning, Detailed
Writing- Content and Structure, Coherence and Cohesion, Interpretation of Data
Information aggregation
Conversational Skills- Socializing, Clarity of Purpose
Coach:Jagmohan Bhanver

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Coach Profile
Jagmohan Bhanver has been a senior banker and has worked in various capacities across three of the largest banks in India, including two MNC Banks. Bhanver is also an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and is considered a thought leader on building learning organizations and learning cultures. He is rated amongst the Top 20 management speakers (in coaching) in the world by the Worldwide Speaker’s Bureau. Bhanver wears various hats and is also a guest columnist with various publications, including the Times of India group.

Jagmohan has authored two books, both international best-sellers – his first book titled 'Get Happy Now' has been an international bestseller and on the Top ten list of leading bookstores in India. His second book, titled 'Think your way to Millions' on the subject of Behavioral Finance was nominated for the best non-fiction award by Hutch-Crossword in India too. This is the first book on behavioural finance in India and has had rave reviews from the industry.

Jagmohan is a sought after Executive coach and Leadership mentor. He is referred to as the 'Mentor’s Mentor' in corporate circles globally and has mentored Industry leaders, celebrity entrepreneurs, media people and top management at leading organizations. He is considered to be an authority on Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring & Negotiating.

As an educationist, Jagmohan visits several institutes on guest lectures, including the SP Jain Institute of Management Research in Mumbai. He is also on the Global advisory board of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, USA & the American Academy of Financial Management, USA.

Jagmohan is regularly featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows for his management mantras and on various HR related issues.
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: 7738601615, 9323721601
: information@peoplefirstltd.org
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