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Most team leaders are fairly competent at managing tasks or processes. Itís when they come to leading people that they nedd skills.Leadership can seem an intangible, aspirational skill - best left to the kind of high-profile people at the top of the organization. And yet the reality is that not only can any manager learn, practice and develop their skills as a leader; but these skills, used at all levels in .the organization, will have a big impact on its future competitiveness. The collection of activities in this work shop are based on this premise.

Changes in management, and increased outsourcing of projects means more teams are being brought together for short periods of time. This workshop addresses all the needs of a healthy team environment. It is suited to diverse groups. Newly formed teams have gained from this by coming together and working in a far more cohesive manner. Older teams have benefited by gathering more trust and working more collaboratively.
Learning Outcomes
Exploring the meaning and significance of teamwork in a work environment.
Highlight the importance of information sharing and collaboration between teams
Demonstrate the negative impact of distrust among team members identify preferred leadership styles
Illustrate the principle of "coopetition" - the competitive and cooperative nature of teamwork
Develop cohesion within diverse teams in the training room
Explore team working with a practical challenge through simulations
Introduce lateral thinking techniques in the outdoors through more simulations
Make the most of the outdoors to illustrate the value of team identity
Provide participants plenty of practice of the key team skills.
Who should attend ?
Candidates aspiring for Middle and Higher Level managerial positions.
Organizations aspiring to build up a healthy and effective work culture.
Problem solving & Planning
Communication in diverse & multicultural teams
Conveying information
Individual roles & group functioning
Working together for successful outcomes
Intra-group communication
Problem solving and creative thinking in groups
Team expression
Trust in teams
Lateral thinking in teams
Leadership factor in team development
Continuous decision making
Coach:Liselle D'souza

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Coach Profile
Along with her association with PeopleFirst, Liselle drives her own consultancy that offers concepts, strategies and solutions for building brands that drive sales for different health care companies. In addition to strategizing, her passion for training has resulted in having conducted soft skill, product and outbound workshops at various management levels for companies like Ranbaxy, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Vodafone.
With her comprehensive people and functional management skills, she has been involved in developing and delivering knowledge-based programs and modules for different levels for corporate.
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