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Equip yourself with the skills and techniques you need to perform effectively at meetings. Not just in formal pre-arranged meetings but in impromptu, informal meetings too. Most meetings are of the “was-just-passing” kind. Ensure that your friendly chats become worthwhile communications. Many of the exercises are relevant to all meeting participants, others are designed primarily for people who chair or lead meetings. The “Effective Meetings” workshop contains 20 activities and is designed for a diverse set of participants. The areas covered include listening in meetings, leading meetings, handling conflict, using aids to make your points more effective, handling different personality types & more.
Learning Outcomes
Importance of Meetings
The Mechanics of Meetings
Problem Solving and Decision making
From theory to practice
Who should attend ?
Candidates from all faculty desiring to polish thier knowledge and lead effective meetings.
Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
The agenda as a control and evaluation mechanism
The venue as an aid to a productive meeting
Using visual aids to enhance communication at meetings
Leading meetings
Different personalities at meetings
Making yourself heard at meetings
Managing conflict in meetings
Encouraging and controlling discussion
Impromptu meetings
Encouraging a positive attitude to meetings
Coach:Liselle D'souza

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Coach Profile
Along with her association with PeopleFirst, Liselle drives her own consultancy that offers concepts, strategies and solutions for building brands that drive sales for different health care companies. In addition to strategizing, her passion for training has resulted in having conducted soft skill, product and outbound workshops at various management levels for companies like Ranbaxy, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Vodafone.
With her comprehensive people and functional management skills, she has been involved in developing and delivering knowledge-based programs and modules for different levels for corporate.
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: 7738601615, 9323721601
: information@peoplefirstltd.org
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