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These days it is not about how good or how competent an individual is. It is more about how a good individual works with a team and how the team dynamics are used to facilitate greater performance and effectiveness than even the best individuals taken together can effect. For this it is not only important that one functions within the fabric of a team; it is also critical to understand oneself better and to have a better understanding of the people now is working with. This necessitates a knowledge of Transactional analysis as well as knowledge of the personality types one is interfacing with. This program uses the framework of Carl Jung’s preferences and blends that with Eric Berne’s TA (Transactional Analysis) concepts. It also uses the JOHARI window during the workshop to shed further light on understanding the self.
Learning Outcomes
Explore the pros and cons of working in teams vs working alone.
Examine the stumbling blocks that upset the team dynamics and learn to deal with them.
Understand Self and others.
Learn and evaluate different communication styles and understand your own style.
Emphasis on various ego-states and how they affect interactions.
Understanding the complementary, crossed and thorough transactions.
Identify the games people play, become aware of the same and address the symptoms in day-to-day interactions.
Who should attend ?
Managers leading/ aspiring to lead high end teams.
Organizations seeking to establish a healthy work culture among thier employees.
The Team vs. The Individual Techniques
Understanding the Self
Understanding Self & Others – JOHARI Window
Communication Styles – Carl Jung’s Preferences
Understanding interactions – TA Analysis
Group Interaction - Complementary, Crossed & Ulterior Transactions
Game Theory and Team Dynamics
Action Plan for Participants
Coach:Amit Sinha
Group Size: 25

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Coach Profile
Amit is an accomplished and results-oriented corporate leader with a strong track record in Sales and Operations Management. Amit’s career of over 22 years include Executive VP & Circle Head Mumbai with RCOM, Circle Business Head Bihar & Jharkhand with Aircel, President & Business Head Reliance First, in addition to holding senior level positions with organizations like HSBC, BPL Mobile, American Express and Indian Express. Amit is particularly recognised for his ability to build high-performing teams and motivate them towards achieving extraordinary results as a coach and mentor. Amit is an MBE from Delhi University and a Graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi.
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