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This workshop not only looks at technical aspects of making high impact presentations but also self imposed barriers that are most often responsible for ineffective personal communications.

The objective of this workshop is to help participants learn how to develop and deliver high impact presentations and to improve their communication skills. It is designed in a manner that it is customizable for people from diverse backgrounds since it addresses the core aspects of good communication & presentation skills. It covers both basic and advanced aspects of Communication & Presentation skills. The workshop will also help in breaking through the self-imposed barriers and anxieties that some people have and will encourage them to be more confident and sure of their selves during a presentation or in general.
The methodology is “Learning by Doing” and it clearly follows adult learning principles.
Learning Outcomes
Develop and deliver high impact presentations
Core aspects of communication and presentation skills
Breaking through self imposed barriers and anxieties
Achieve the required confidence to present well
Who should attend ?
Candidates from all the fields desiring to polish thier skills on the subject.
Assertive Communication Skills.
Core Presentation Skills
Controlling Nervousness and Anxiety.
Developing Audio Visual Aids.
The 5 Key Requirements for a Presentation
Creating positive rapport
Listening skills
Questioning skills
Body language
Developing Presentation Objectives
Outlining the Presentation
Developing The Presentation Plan
Making the Presentation Interesting and Dynamic
The Presence of the Presenter
Coach:Liselle D'souza

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Coach Profile
Along with her association with PeopleFirst, Liselle drives her own consultancy that offers concepts, strategies and solutions for building brands that drive sales for different health care companies. In addition to strategizing, her passion for training has resulted in having conducted soft skill, product and outbound workshops at various management levels for companies like Ranbaxy, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Vodafone.
With her comprehensive people and functional management skills, she has been involved in developing and delivering knowledge-based programs and modules for different levels for corporate.
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