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These days it is not about how good or how competent an individual is. It is more about how a good individual works with a team and how the team dynamics are used to facilitate greater performance and effectiveness than even the best individuals taken together can effect. For this it is not only important that one functions within the fabric of a team; it is also critical to understand oneself better and to have a better understanding of the people now is working with. This necessitates a knowledge of Transactional analysis as well as knowledge of the personality types one is interfacing with. This program uses the framework of Carl Jung’s preferences and blends that with Eric Berne’s TA (Transactional Analysis) concepts. It also uses the JOHARI window during the workshop to shed further light on understanding the self.
Coach:Amit Sinha
Group Size: 25
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Equip yourself with the skills and techniques you need to perform effectively at meetings. Not just in formal pre-arranged meetings but in impromptu, informal meetings too. Most meetings are of the “was-just-passing” kind. Ensure that your friendly chats become worthwhile communications. Many of the exercises are relevant to all meeting participants, others are designed primarily for people who chair or lead meetings. The “Effective Meetings” workshop contains 20 activities and is designed for a diverse set of participants. The areas covered include listening in meetings, leading meetings, handling conflict, using aids to make your points more effective, handling different personality types & more.
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This workshop focuses on the vision, mission and core values of the BOA Leadership Middle. It helps participants participate in team cohesion and team building activities. Team communication and dynamics are explored and reiterated. Participants learn the fine art of coaching large teams and individuals, thereby helping them to foster talent within their teams and in the larger context of the organization. Participants learn how to use conflict in a positive manner to encourage new ideas and foster innovation in everything that they and their people do. Improvements are encouraged and institutionalized. The art of incisive thinking and taking decisions (simple and complex) are facilitated. The benefits to the client as a fallout of the above strategies is examined. Diversity within CSPL is explored. The process of setting stretch goals and achieving them is highlighted. Participants are encouraged to develop highly motivated and positive team cultures.
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Total Workshops: 21/33
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