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It’s all about You

You have taken the first step towards making a difference to the most important person in your life... YOU!

Welcome to PEOPLE FIRST. It's our mission to help you and your stakeholders maximize your hidden potential, through a people centric philosophy & unique learning tools that have been developed over a period of time and honed internally by our resident experts.
What does this involve?
It is common knowledge that an individual exploits a marginal 10% of his total potential during the course of his/her lifetime. We at PEOPLE FIRST call this the "Potential Trap". So how does one break through the shackles of this trap? Is it even possible to achieve this breakthrough? We have found that the single largest inhibitor to breaking through this trap is the individual himself. The “Potential Trap” is an outcome of various factors we labor under – and most of these, mind you – are self-generated, and therefore within our sphere of control. Some of the key constraining factors are:
YOU have unlimited potential:
An individual exploits a   marginal 10% of his total   potential during the course   of his/her lifetime. This
  is  referred  to as the
“Potential Trap”
The continuum of success is
   unlimited & the “Leveraged    Personality”  is constantly    setting him/her   up for    success.
At PFL our training
   programs are aimed are
   getting out of the “potential
& moving on to
   a becoming “leveraged
  • Lack of a greater sense of purpose for your life and work
  • Inability to manage stress
  • Lack of an entrepreneurial mind set
  • Absence of internal motivation
  • Less than ideal communication & presentation skills
  • Lack of understanding of group dynamics
  • Inability to function within a team
  • Self deluded leadership
  • Loss of balance in work and personal life
The PEOPLE FIRST learning programmes are therefore aimed at facilitating the shedding of the above constraining factors, and thereby empowering the individual to tap into his hidden potential. The learning programmes and more importantly, the KIT (keep in touch) philosophy is focused on delivering sustained results for the individuals’ development.
What is at stake?
Nothing – if you are the kind of person who is happy being half the person you can be. If however, you are the type of person who is keen to unlock his/her hidden potential, then it is time you translated your ambition into action.

If you are already a hugely successful person, remember – the continuum of success is unlimited. We at PFL have interviewed thousands of people and all successful people had one defining characteristic – none said they had reached the zenith of their success – Yet!

It is not that these people were not successful. On the contrary, by normal standards, each of these people would be considered enormously successful, and possibly a pacesetter in his/her chosen field. Yet, each one of these people considered that there was far more to achieve than had been achieved by them. We call this the “Leveraged Personality” types. These people are constantly leveraging themselves and therefore consistently setting themselves up for success. Each success is not an end but a beginning for yet another success. It is not hard to imagine what degree of success a person with this mind-set is capable of achieving.

At PEOPLE FIRST’s learning programmes, we not only take participants through various strategies for success; we also help them do this with as less stress as possible. Remember, stress is not bad in some measure. But you can truly be considered successful when you have achieved what you define as success and had fun on the way.
Key message for individuals
Success does not happen – it is created: All of us, without exception are capable of crafting out a framework of success for ourselves. We just need the right tools. PEOPLE FIRST helps you hone those tools that you already possess within you. Contact us today to enroll for a workshop on strategies for life-long success.
As you think, you become: We do everything twice over; first in our minds, then through our actions. Our thinking can help us towards self-actualization or leave us far below our natural level of achievement. PEOPLE FIRST through its attitude building workshops helps you gain a positive thinking attitude that is so important in today’s competitive world to get ahead. Contact us today to enroll for a workshop on developing a positive attitude.
Stress has become a part of everyday life; and stress can kill faster than anything else. The WHO has classified stress as one of the prime killers of this century. Stress however can be managed to harness its positive effects, without succumbing to its negative side-effects. The Stress Management workshops at PEOPLE FIRST have helped thousands manage stress better. Contact us today to enroll for a stress management workshop with us.
We are first judged on the strength of our communication and external presentation rather than our inherent capabilities. So many highly capable people are not able to get their money’s worth because of that initial impression. PEOPLE FIRST helps you hone your communication & presentation skills, through a series of personal development workshops. Contact us today to enroll for our learning programs.
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