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OD Interventions
PEOPLE FIRST has a group of experts specializing in implementing OD interventions depending on the specific requirements & life stage of the organization. Some typical assignments include-
  • Establishing Competencies, Dimensions & Behaviors in line with the organizational vision & values
  • Measurement tools for Behavior and Competencies
  • Conducting Assessment Centers & Development Centers
  • Building a Competency Toolkit training for assessors, frontline managers and senior management
  • Setting up Performance Management & Performance Appraisal systems
  • Sharing best practices from a HR perspective
  • Building an induction organizer/manual for growing organization
  • Helping in unifying the management trainee batch or new entrants in the client organization
  • Getting employees to buy into the brand values and cultural nuances of the client and help in assimilating new and existing staff into the organizational culture of the client organization
  • Setting practices to harness the developmental potential and leadership capabilities of key staff at the client organization
  • Help build a robust critical mass of future leaders at the client organization
  • Creating a talent pool for the client organization to leverage on in future years
  • Potential management & development
  • HR Audit
Some cutting edge initiatives by PEOPLE FIRST-
  developed different tools
  for measuring different
  competencies and the
  dimensions contained
  within those competencies.
Since these are all
   PEOPLE FIRST owned, they
   have been structured in
   such a manner that results
   from these can be read
   alongside each other. This
   is a significant benefit
   for any organization
   undertaking this exercise.
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