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Are you a market driven organization?
Take this quiz to see how market driven you are! This quiz is merely to help you establish for yourself how close to the market you actually are - your values, beliefs, culture, your market sensing capabilities and the extent to which your organization aligns its internal efficiencies with market effectiveness.
What's a Market Driven organization all about?
Market driven firms think differently about strategy. They have an externally oriented process for developing strategic direction, in contrast to the internally focused process employed by most organizations. The strategy begins with an understanding of the market and works back to the organization rather than moving from the organization to the market. This externally oriented strategy is supported by a shared knowledge base, and by a culture that is willing at all levels to continuously challenge mind sets and assumptions.
Market Driven Organizations have two important characteristics:
They use an adaptive
   planning process
They anticipate the
Take the quiz to find out whether you are a “Market Driven Organization”
In particular, market driven organizations have two important characteristics:
  • They use an adaptive planning process: In contrast to the budget-cycle strategic planning used by internally focused organizations, the market driven organization uses an adaptive planning process focused on real-time issues. This keeps the organization keyed to the evolving issues in the market and helps prevent it from slipping into short-term, cost-conscious strategic planning.
  • They anticipate the market: The market driven organization combines a clear headed understanding of its capabilities and limitations with a broadly informed view about the future of its markets. It brings a strong market sensing capability into a wide ranging dialogue that includes rebels and dissatisfied customers and uses scenario thinking to understand a range of possible futures in the environment. Consequently, these firms see more opportunities and more often than not see them earlier than their competitors.
They are more focused on market effectiveness than relying solely on internal efficiencies. That necessitates a strong need for a change in mindset and organizational culture across all levels of functioning. A consequent shift in attitudes, skills set, knowledge gain-share, and quick adaptability is required.
PEOPLE FIRST works with the client organization at two levels:
Stage 1:  In identifying learning gaps within the organization, keeping in view a market driven model.
Stage 2: In addressing those gaps through relevant interventions, facilitation and appropriate learning programmes to facilitate the client develop into a Learning Organization.
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