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Are you a learning organization?
Being a Learning Organization involves considerable commitment from everyone in the organization, and like most things it has to be initiated at the top. What a Learning Organization involves could take up a whole manual, and we would be happy to share the same with you if you so wish through a personal interaction. However, in short a learning organization involves the following:
  • Shared knowledge base - Building a shared knowledge base and using it enabling it effectively through the organization
  • Continuous learning - Continuous learning to ensure that the rate of change within the organization exceeds the rate of change in the market
  • Questioning - Challenging a particular approach or methodology, to ensure that the best course is taken
  • Understanding - Recognizing a situation and drawing on knowledge to find solutions to problems arising out of it
  • Systems thinking - Recognizing systems and rules & abandoning them when they cease to work for more creative thinking that goes beyond those rules and systems
  • Knowing when to learn - This includes recognizing when you have learned something
Characteristics of a Learning Organization:
Shared knowledge base
Systems thinking
Questioning current way
   of doing things
Continuous learning
Supportive learning
  • Supporting learning
    • By creating communication networks of people to help each other
    • Learning logs - helping learners keep diaries of learning
    • Flexible systems - allowing anything that helps learning to happen
    • Setting learning contracts for each learner
    • Providing learners with a mentor to guide them and help them achieve their aims
    • Job-shadowing - i.e. letting someone understudy (shadow) the job of another
    • Self-directed learning - i.e. allowing people to set their own learning paths
    • Self-development - i.e. encouraging personal development
    • Personal development plans - i.e. by helping people build a firm development plan
It means enabling a continuous learning process from every possible angle, participated in by everyone at every level in the organization.
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