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Key message for Organizations?
Building a learning & market driven organization will among other things, help you achieve the following:
  • Enhance the success of your organization
  • Enable greater flexibility and adaptability
  • Bring greater job satisfaction & motivation to staff
  • Promote a culture of openness and trust
  • Enable the creation and use of a shared knowledge base
  • Enable the organization to be better aligned to the market
  • Create an energized and responsive workforce that will delight both customers and suppliers
Understanding the needs gap of individuals and thereby addressing them through the right learning programmes will ensure that:
  • The requisite skills set of key staff are strengthened
  • The individual's objectives are closely aligned with the organization's vision and strategic goals
  • There is collaborative partnering within and between teams, and with customers
  • Configuration around capabilities is enabled
  • Staff are encouraged and empowered to be more creative and innovative, helping build an idea organization
  • Employees become stakeholders in the organization's vision and mission
  • There is greater loyalty and less turnover
  • Productivity and profitability increase, and ROI on learning is positive
The right learning programs will achieve the following:
The individual's objectives    are closely aligned with the    organization's vision and
   strategic goals
There is collaborative    partnering within and    between teams, and with    customers
Configuration around    capabilities is enabled
Employees become    stakeholders
There is greater loyalty and    fewer turnovers
Productivity and profitability    increase, and ROI on    learning is positive
PEOPLE FIRST has conducted extensive research on building the framework for a learning organization - feel free to contact us for a personal meeting with our team of experts.
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