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PEOPLE FIRST has an in-house team of 5 Executive Coaches and Mentors led by the CEO himself. His team has conducted Executive coaching sessions for several CEOs, Directors, Industrialists and Celebrities. They have also helped organizations initiate and institutionalize Mentoring frameworks within their organization. Usually, for organizations, Executive Coaching & Mentoring is not done in isolation. Rather it is a part of a larger initiative which spans the entire organization. PEOPLE FIRST follows the REAPE model in such cases.
The REAPE model is an acronym for:
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Application
  • Potential Enhancement (leading to greater productivity)
The REAPE model will include the following elements:
Step 1: Building a shared vision for the organization & sharing it across the organization.
Step 2: Executive coaching of top team (Group A).
The REAPE model is an acronym for:
Potential Enhancement
   (leading to greater
Step 3: Competence assessment of staff (Group B).
Step 4: Establishing a development path for Group B resources in line with company's vision.
Step 5: Mentoring of assessed staff (Group B) by the people from Group A.
Step 6: Constant review at a pre-decided frequency & application of learning's.
In scenarios where 'Mentoring' has to be institutionalized, we recommend the following steps:
Step 1: Personality assessments & Personality mapping of Mentors & Mentees.
Step 2: Developing Leadership Competencies for the organization which will be the base for the entire Mentoring initiative.
Step 3: Assessment of Mentees to identify areas that they need Mentoring on & where they are already strong.
Step 4: Skills assessment of Mentors to identify areas they need to develop to mentor effectively.
Step 5: Skills Development for Mentors in development areas identified in previous step.
Step 6: Orientation for Mentees before initiating the Mentoring process so expectations are set.
Step 7: Roll-out of the Mentoring initiative & quarterly reviews for the first 6 months.
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