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Level 2 Certified Executive Coach Program
About the program
As Coaching grows in popularity and prestige, its distinct leverage in developing, upgrading and retaining the valuable human resource pool is evident. Recently a weekly magazine placed Coaching as the 2nd hottest field in consulting; management consulting topping the list. Many see coaching as a panacea for all manners for personal, professional and corporate bottlenecks. It would be interesting to know the fact that the media perception of Executive Coaches as compared to psychologists suggests that people have far more favorable views on Executive Coaches than psychologists with regard to competence, applicability, helpfulness and relating ability.

Executive Coaching is a helping relationship formed between a client with managerial authority and responsibility in an organization and a coach who uses a wide variety of behavioral techniques and methods to help the client achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve personal performance and satisfaction, and consequently to improve the effectiveness of the client’s organization within a formally defined coaching agreement. It could also be a relationship between a client (who is intending to be coached on individual development areas that may or may not have any bearing on the organization) and the coach.

The specially designed Certified Executive Coach program envelopes aspects of formal coaching and brings forth a conceptual-cum-application framework in a structure within which the Executive Coach can effectively function. “Coaching” derived from the word “carriage” in the English language signifies the idea of conveying a valued person from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be, or can be.
Objectives of the program
  • In-depth analysis of the attributes and requisites of an Executive Coach
  • Understanding the process and expectations of clients as an Executive Coach
  • Identifying & adapting to trends and challenges posed in the profession
  • Gaining proficiency in the role of an Executive Coach
  • Grasping & using fully the aspects guiding the coaching process
  • Ability to align the coachee & their organization’s requirements, along with the interdependencies
  • Importance of Assessment in Executive Coaching
  • Developing awareness of the factors that could impede the coaching process & addressing them pro-actively
Participant profile
This program is designed for people who are already in the field of coaching senior executives, or perhaps those who have already done some level of executive coaching for top executives. Graduates of this program could seriously evaluate possibilities of becoming a “CEO’s coach” at the end of this program. The profile of people who would add significant value to their abilities as a professional executive coach would include:
  • People who are already in the front league of Executive Coaching and now want to leverage their expertise with a formal certification program
  • People aspiring to take up Executive Coaching as a profession
  • Professional trainers, consultants or counselors desiring to commence coaching for their corporate or non-corporate clients
  • Managers within a corporate, desiring to develop themselves as an executive coach for the purpose of coaching senior and top executives within the organization
  • Graduation/ Post graduation in any stream
  • A minimum of ten years professional experience
Program fee
INR 2,50,000 (Taxes extra as applicable)
Duration of the program
Four to Six months, depending on structuring of hours in the allotted batch
Level 2 Certified Executive Coach Program - Curriculum
Refer the following chart

1.1Coaching Checklist
1.2Process of Effective Coaching
1.3Expectations of Effective Coaching
1.4Challenges and Trends
1.5Special Concerns in Executive Coaching

2.1Experiential Learning
2.2Adult Learning Development
2.3Social Systems Interventions
2.4Psycho Dynamics
2.5Emotional Intelligence
2.6Competency Modeling (Hands on practical simulations)

3.1The Organizational perspective
3.2The CEO Perspective

4.1Integrating assessments results into feedback
4.2Incorporate assessment into coaching
4.3Professional assessment-based coaching development strategies
4.4Leadership Research
4.53 Levels of Learning
4.6Coaching Road Map – Detailed


6.1Specialty Niche Marketing to attract ideal clients
6.2Developing National and International Practice
6.3Assessing ROI on Executive Coaching
6.4Coaching Partnership
6.5Contract and Ethical Issues
6.6Best Practices

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