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PEOPLE FIRST is the largest Behavioral Training firm in India. PEOPLE FIRST is mainly focused on the following areas:
Training - Corporate & Personal
The training wing of PEOPLE FIRST customizes programmes for executives at various levels of organizational hierarchy. PEOPLE FIRST employs an extremely scientific approach towards any training intervention. Majority of our programs are preceded by a comprehensive diagnostics procedure (TNA tool) based on measuring competencies, competencies based assessment, gap between desired and actual level of competency, relevance of training needs etc. PEOPLE FIRST has a range of learning programmes - for individuals as well as for corporates. The outcome of the diagnostic procedure determines the relevant programs for any organization.

The Advisory Board of PEOPLE FIRST is constituted of Corporate Business Heads, Heads of HR and Organizational Learning and also has representation from senior educationists from leading management institutes and universities.
PEOPLE FIRST focuses on the following areas:
Training - Corporate &
OD Interventions
Management Consulting
   - Creating Learning &
   Market Driven
Executive Coaching &
PEOPLE FIRST has worked with names like
OD Interventions
PEOPLE FIRST has a group of experts specializing in implementing OD interventions depending on the specific requirements & life stage of the organization. Some typical assignments include-
  • Establishing Competencies, Dimensions & Behaviors in line with the organizational vision & values
  • Measurement tools for Behavior and Competencies
  • Assessment Centers & Development Centers
  • Building a competency toolkit training for assessors, frontline managers and senior management
  • Setting up Performance Management & Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Sharing best practices from a HR perspective
  • Building an induction organizer/manual for a growing organization
  • Helping in unifying the management trainee batch or new entrants in the client organization
  • Getting employees to buy into the brand values and cultural nuances of the client and help in assimilating new and existing staff into the organizational culture of the client organization
  • Setting practices to harness the developmental potential and leadership capabilities of key staff at the client organization
  • Help build a robust critical mass of future leaders at the client organization
  • Creating a talent pool for the client organization to leverage on in future years
  • HR Audit
Management Consulting - Creating Learning & Market Driven Organizations
PEOPLE FIRST has a team of experts is also available to help clients develop into Learning Organizations. This team works closely with the strategic part of the client organization (Board of Directors, CEO, MD) and helps the latter align the vision they have for the organization, to the end user of the organization's services and products. A typical fallout of a learning exercise as described above is that the client organization will identify certain interventions required at each organization level to ensure that the client is truly moving towards becoming a Learning Organization and being Market Driven.
Executive Coaching & Mentoring
We have an-in-house team of 5 Executive coaches and Mentors led by the CEO himself. This team has conducted Executive Coaching sessions for several CEOs, Directors, Industrialists and Celebrities. We have also helped organizations initiate and institutionalize Mentoring frameworks within their organization.

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